“Complete” 4C Delver/less Playlist — #thedailywars #28-33

A few days ago, I uploaded the last match from my recorded league runs with BURG. I started out with a list containing Delver of Secrets. The list underperformed, so I decided to record another league with the Delver-less list I had been playing. Unfortunately, the videos from the final two rounds were corrupted and for whatever reason, the Magic Online replays don’t work either so I can’t upload those either (they were two interesting, interactive matches against Grixis Delver and Storm). Regardless, I hope the videos I do have are enjoyable, so here you go:

The vote referenced in the videos has already been decided, but there’s a new one between Esper Deathblade, UR Prowess & BR Reanimator. Vote here. The vote ends Saturday at noon CEST.


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