#thedailywars #13 — Canadian Threshold League Match #1 vs. Moon Stompy + Deck Tech

So I made a twitter poll a few days ago about which deck to record with next and the vote fell on Canadian Threshold. You might argue this is not Threshold anymore, given that I have actually cut Nimble Mongoose from the deck, but I hope you will still enjoy these videos; today we have the deck tech to explain my choices and the first round against Moon Stompy:


4 thoughts on “#thedailywars #13 — Canadian Threshold League Match #1 vs. Moon Stompy + Deck Tech

  1. Hi Jonathan Alexander,

    i am from Belgium and i am playing legacy for almost a year now, before casual multiplayer (like emperor , pentagram). First four months i played budget variation of jund. With death shadow and huntmaster of the fells. Two months later i played “real” jund with blooodbraid elf and punishing fire.

    But became less interseting for me and started to play RUG delver. Very nice deck but sometimes very frustrating cos even when u play it right, you lose. Very challenging at least, also compared to the brothers UR delver and Grixis delver. Experiment a lot even when 95% is fixed. Tried even porcelain legionaire to break through baleful strix blockers. Also experimented with hooting mandrills but still love the mongoose.

    Played my first big tournament last sunday (50+ players).
    Last sunday faced eldrazi, mono-red sneak attack, food chain, show and tell, eldrazi, food chain. Lost to first eldrazi, food chain, food chain, won to second eldrazi, mono red sneak attack, show and tell.

    The match versus mono red sneak attack was epic. First game i mulliganed to five started with delver, dazed his seething song and won. Second game he starts. Chalice on one resolves, i play land, next turn defense grid, i play land, next turn blood moon, i play land. He plays another chalice on one, i do nothing, he plays another blood moon, i do nothing, he does nothing. I play land and play moltensteel dragon. (sideboard card, was holding it since turn one). I attack two times with the dragon and he does nothing cos did not find his finishers.

    1. Moltensteel Dragon is wild, what made you come up with that?
      If you have issues with Strixes, try Ancient Grudge or the LoamRing engine; I can only recommend the latter if you expect a bunch of these type of decks.

      1. Just more or less coincidence because i had that card. Was looking for a creature that i could cast through blood moon lock and safe from abrupt decay, lightning bolt, fatal push. Even concidered gathan raiders. I realize that they are both not RUG-delver cards but for now this is the wild west after top-bannings. Miracles was an exiting matchup for us, and we had a chance with your idea of winter orb. Now it is BUG and D&T for the fair decks, a lot of prison-chalice decks, and many combo-decks. Combo-decks : Show and tell, storm the two most important we are favored, reanimator, elves we are not favored.
        My list was :
        4 x nimble mongoose
        4 x delver of secrets
        1 x vendilion clique
        1 x green sun’s zenith

        4 x force of will
        4 x daze
        4 x stifle
        4 x lightning bolt
        4 x brainstorm
        4 x ponder
        3 x spell snare
        2 x spell pierce
        2 x perilous research

        3 x volcanic island
        3 x tropical island
        4 x flooded strand
        4 x polluted delta
        1 x scalding tarn
        4 x wasteland

        Thanks for the good advice !!

  2. For reference, at mtgtop8, the tournament was magic masters trial 2.
    ( May 7th,2017) . Death and taxes won the tournament.

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