#thedailywars #7 — February Legacy Challenge Round Seven vs. Miracles

Hi! Welcome to my final match in the February Legacy Challenge. If you haven’t seen my previous matches yet, here’s the Full Tournament Playlist. Regardless of how much you have actually watched, thanks for taking the time and tuning in! This last one is another match against Miracles, but it still showcases ways the matchup can go we haven’t covered yet, so I’m happy to be able to show it to you.

You probably don’t know about this, but I had a few videos on Canadian vs. Miracles recorded way back in July. I actually had them uploaded to YouTube, but for some reason I never published. That batch of videos also spanned three matches, showcasing the exact same patterns I have now covered with the matche from the Legacy Challenge. I hope you’ll enjoy!


Sideboarding vs. Miracles:

-2 Hooting Mandrils
-2 Dismember
-4 Lightning Bolt
-1 Life from the Loam

+3 Winter Orb
+1 Flusterstorm
+3 Pyroblast
+1 Spell Pierce
+1 Surgical Extraction


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