#thedailywars #6 — February Legacy Challenge Round Six vs. Miracles

Sup! Welcome to my second match against Miracles in the February Legacy Challenge! This one takes a little longer, but I think it’s full of very valuable information about how games against Miracles tend to go. If you’re only gonna watch one of these games, definitely go ahead and watch game three, by far my favourite game of the tournament. Enjoy!

Sideboarding vs. Miracles:

-2 Hooting Mandrils
-2 Dismember
-4 Lightning Bolt
-1 Life from the Loam

+3 Winter Orb
+1 Flusterstorm
+3 Pyroblast
+1 Spell Pierce
+1 Surgical Extraction

Notably, I’m bringing Sudden Demise instead of Surgical for game two this round, but the boarding plan above is better. As you will see, Sudden Demise is just rotting in my hand, whereas Surgical actually does things.

Full Tournament Playlist

Thanks for watching!



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