#thedailywars #3 — February Legacy Challenge Round Three vs. Belcher

Hi! Not much to say about this round. If you remember the previous round, I wasn’t playing super well, but I was looking to turn that around. For the first two rounds I had been listening to Kendrick Lamar, but for this one I switched to Chance the Rapper, so let’s see how that worked out for me…

Sideboarding vs. Belcher:

-2 Dismember
-1 Life from the Loam
-1 Barbarian Ring
-3 Wasteland

+1 Null Rod
+1 Ancient Grudge
+1 Electrickery
+1 Flusterstorm
+1 Spell Pierce
+1 Surgical Extraction
+1 Sudden Demise



Full Playlist

Thanks for reading and watching!



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