#thedailywars #2 — February Legacy Challenge Round Two vs. Miracles

Yo! Welcome back to my tournament report for the February Legacy Challenge. In case you missed the first round, you can go back and watch it here. To give context to today’s match, I’ve been struggling adjusting my sleep schedule for the Legacy Challenge for a while, and this month was no difference. My play in this match isn’t great, but I still recommend you go ahead and watch the videos because I’m going to address the mistakes that were made and I actually played the first game pretty well; I think it includes some interesting decisions that are not quite obvious.

Either way, thanks for reading / watching, I hope you’ll enjoy the games. See you tomorrow!

Sideboarding vs. Miracles:

-2 Hooting Mandrils
-2 Dismember
-4 Lightning Bolt
-1 Life from the Loam

+3 Winter Orb
+1 Flusterstorm
+3 Pyroblast
+1 Spell Pierce
+1 Surgical Extraction

I think I boarded Sudden Demise over Surgical in this match, but Surgical is definitely the better card to bring in the matchup. If you’re interested in my general approach to the matchup, you can check out my Canadian Threshold vs. Miracles Matchup Guide.


Full Playlist


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