#theweeklywars #18 — February Legacy Challenge

I like to switch things around a little every once in a while. To that end, I do not actually have an article today. Instead, I’m going to kick off #thedailywars, where I’ll be uploading one of my matches from this month’s Magic Online Legacy Challenge each day for a week.

First off, here’s the deck I played:


(deckstats.net link / boarding plans)

I also have a decktech recorded for the list. Note that I have covered the basic framework of Canadian in my primer last year, so I’m only going into a few specific things about this list:


If that’s not what you’re here for, I also have you covered with my first match:

Sideboarding vs. Aggro Loam:

-4 Stifle

+1 Ancient Grudge
+1 Spell Pierce
+1 Submerge
+1 Forked Bolt

Full Playlist

Thanks for reading and watching!



2 thoughts on “#theweeklywars #18 — February Legacy Challenge

  1. hey, just wanted to say that i really appreciate the effort you put into designing your deck and recording these videos.

    it’s very refreshing to see innovations like yours in legacy.

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